Netscape Search Engine Analysis

While Netscape shut down in 2003, we still learned a lot from watching the search engine’s growth and evolution. To that end, we’re leaving our previous reporting on Netscape live on our site—think of it as an internet history time capsule.


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Before you critize Netscape for relying on Google for their search engine, there are a few things you should know.

Netscape deserves a lot of credit for fostering the growth of the Internet over the years. For one thing, the Open Directory Project is actually hosted and administered by a small focused staff at Netscape Communication Corporation. So, in addition to getting credit for much of the initial success of the Internet, Netscape also gets credit for maintaining the most amazing Open Source project on the Internet.

Of course, AOL Time Warner owns Netscape, and so “owns” the Open Directory as well…

Netscape Search Engine Analysis


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Netscape search results come from Google.