Lycos Search Engine Analysis

Lycos is no longer the heavy-hitting search engine it once was, and as such, we no longer monitor it closely. Read on for our past analysis of this search engine, which was founded at Carnegie Mellon in 1995.



Another portal relying on copies.

Lycos used to be a great search engine. It was free and easy to get a site listed on Lycos. The results were unique. Now, of course, Lycos is just offering others’ results. It’s still pretty popular, but eventually people will figure out that they keep seeing the same results across the Internet on almost every search engine.

Lycos Search Engine Analysis



Get listed on Fast/Alltheweb.

The lycos directory is pretty much a copy of the Open Directory (

At the top of the search results page you will see anywhere from one to six numbered sponsored links. The first four of these links are provided by Overture. The next two sponsored links are the top two bidders through Lycos’ AdBuyer program. Below those sponsored links, you will see a bold red heading “WEB RESULTS.” These are Alltheweb results. To the right of the numbered sponsored sponsored links, you may also see text box ads which look just like Google ads. These are the 3rd through the 6th top bidders through the Lycos AdBuyer program.