Corporate SEO Services

Corporate SEO Services

Internet Intelligence Drives Our Search Engine Optimization Services

Our corporate search engine optimization and development services are built on the foundation of The 4 C’s, a philosophy that includes agile web development and a disciplined focus on optimized code at its core. Our process will help you:

  • Be fully visible to search engine “spiders”
  • Develop your website into a truly useful resource
  • Build link popularity to drive organic rankings
  • Position your company as a category leader online
  • Drive highly qualified leads that will convert into profitable business.

We conduct extensive research and analysis to determine the exact keyword terms and phrases your potential customers are using when they’re online searching for your products and services. We then analyze your competition to determine which of your competitors are winning and why… and what specific keywords and phrases we should prioritize and target. Finally, we ensure that your site has the right content and navigation structure for both types of visitors: your potential customers and the search engine “spiders”.

On an ongoing basis we provide you with guidance around creating new content to keep your site fresh and growing, and strategies for adding new features to help you maintain your presence as a category leader.

SEO Logic has been providing corporate SEO services to leading companies since January, 2002. Contact us.