Froogle, aka Google Product Search

So, there is no Froogle anymore. Back in April, 2007, it became “Google Product Search,” which is now known as Google Shopping. Read on to see our analysis of Froogle from 2002: 


Froogle Works!

Froogle was launched in Beta on December 12, 2002, just in time for us to use it to find a Rapunzel Barbie, which we were desperately seeking. EBay was offering the doll for 25-50% above retail, so we were frustrated. Thanks to Froogle, we were able to easily find it for sale at with one simple search!

Froogle is Google’s Killer App.

Based on the Google algorithm and database, Froogle enables you to quickly and easily find specific products for sale all over the web. It also enables you to search for general search phrases and will return products for sale that relate to your querry. This is where search engine optimization comes into the picture. Google has introduced an entirely new motivation for webmasters to optimize their ecommerce sites.

In a nutshell, there is no longer any need to browse the web when you are looking for a specific item to purchase. Just go to Froogle, and you’ll quickly find nearly every item for sale on the web.

Froogle indexes specific products from a multitude of ecommerce sites on the web. The search results include a picture of the item for sale (if available), the price of the item, the store where the item is for sale, the category, and a brief description grabbed from the store’s site.

Yes! you can search by price and price range.