Our Process

Our Process

Our Process Is Organized In Phases

Phase 1. Network Analysis

The first phase in the process is an analysis of your network of websites, including historical research and an analysis of your domain portfolio. This network may include older versions of your site, sites acquired through acquisitions, other divisions of your company, etc.  We then create a strategy for rescuing lost link popularity and for ensuring that the entire network is deployed and interlinked optimally.

Phase 2. Keyword & Competitive Analysis

The second phase in the process is a thorough analysis of the searching behavior of your potential visitors to identify the actual keyword terms and phrases your potential customers are using.  As part of the targeting process, we conduct a detailed competitive analysis of the sites currently winning for the targeted keywords to understand their strengths and identify competitors’ weaknesses we can exploit to win long term.

Phase 3. Technical Analysis

A thorough technology audit to ensure that the construction of your site – including the coding, navigation structure and other elements – is as friendly to the search engine spiders as possible is the next phase.

Phase 4. Content Development & Optimization

In phase 4 we conduct an analysis of your existing content – both online and offline. We design a content development plan that is aligned with the keyword research in order to to drive improved organic rankings.  We can manage the resulting content management plan, or you can use your internal resources to do so.

Phase 5. Site & Code Optimization

The fifth phase in the process is the redevelopment of your website. Since we entered the SEO space in 1996, we have learned first-hand what it takes to deliver a solution successfully—one that’s on time, on budget, and exceeds expectations. Our proven approach starts with identifying your needs, designing an innovative solution around them, and managing uncertainty throughout via a process of adaptive software development.

Ongoing support is critical to the success of the project.

Ongoing Link Popularity Development, Tracking, Analysis & Reporting

We work on an ongoing basis to increase the number and quality of Web sites which link to you in order to grow your site’s link popularity, or PageRank®. And we provide detailed tracking and analytics going forward.

Organic search performance is tracked in START, our proprietary SEO analysis, tracking and reporting system. Using START, we perform a detailed analysis on a pre-scheduled basis to track changes in the structure of the site, its keyword attributes, and its overall performance with regard to its associated keywords over time.