About Us – SEO Logic®

About SEO Logic®, A Chicago Search Engine Optimization Company

Established in Chicago in 1996, our parent company Mir Internet Marketing has created world-class websites for a broad array of clients. Our experience has taught us a fundamental lesson: When you properly build and carefully manage a website over time, the search engines will provide the clicks, calls and leads you deserve.

After spending half of the ’90s building award-winning websites by hand, we decided to dedicate a group specifically to rehabilitating or rebuilding sites that had been developed by other agencies, who implemented amazing designs at the expense of clunky website architecture that performed poorly in search. They were focused on making websites beautiful to people, so we focused on making their websites lean, useful, and beautiful to search engines. We launched SEO Logic early in 2002 specifically to partner with large agencies and corporate clients and have been providing SEO services to numerous partners ever since.

There’s a great deal of over-promising and under-delivery in the SEO industry, and many agencies are overly focused on the buzzwords around the Next Big Thing. We focus on the fundamentals: making your site a truly useful resource for your customers, and properly coding and carefully managing your site in alignment with search engine specifications. The algorithms, rules and players will change, but the fundamentals remain the same: create an informative and useful website that is built according to accepted web development and search engine standards, nurture and grow it over time, and it will get the ranking and traffic it deserves.

We don’t toil away at trying to stay one step ahead of the search engines. We maintain a disciplined focus on the basics to keep your site on the right track over the long run. Our corporate search engine optimization and placement services are built on the foundation of The 4 C’s , a philosophy that includes agile web development and a disciplined focus on optimized code at its core:

  • Code
  • Content
  • Connectivity
  • Commitment

This approach to search engine optimization includes highly specialized web development skills that many other SEO companies don’t have the ability to handle in-house.

Our clients are diverse and include large manufacturing companies, major universities, targeted business-to-business marketers, consumer goods manufacturers and distributors, software developers and marketers, hospitals, nonprofit community organizations, attorneys, and a broad array of small businesses.

Our goal is simple and straightforward: to help you maximize your profits by generating high quality leads from the major search engines.