Excite: Another Search Engine Turned Advertising Portal.

While Excite is technically still around, it earns less than 1% of search engine global market share. As such, we no longer actively monitor what Excite is up to, but we’re keeping our previous analysis live on our site for the benefit of any internet history buffs out there.


What can you say about Excite?  It’s another search engine turned portal which for a while was getting its search engine from a combination of Inktomi and LookSmart.  Later, Excite became part of InfoSpace, and its search results were a collection of paid Overture listings interspersed with results from a variety of other engines.

Now Excite is part of IAC Search and Media, which includes Ask.com, iWON.com, Excite.com, Citysearch.com, Insiderpages.com, Thesaurus.com, Dictionary.com, Vimeo.com, Chemistry.com, Match.com and many, many more. As far as we can tell, Excite’s purpose is to help you find CHEAP TICKETS and ONLINE COLLEGE DEGREES. At least that’s what they show on their “About Us” page.

Excite adds nothing to the Internet. We’re not even going to link to them.

But here’s a press release announcing how “excited” they are about becoming a meta: InfoSpace Launches Next Generation Meta-Search Product