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Founder & Chief Executive Officer
SEO Logic®

C. J. Newton is Founder of Mir Internet Marketing, a comprehensive Internet marketing firm founded in 1996. C. J. is a recognized SEO expert and leads our team in providing expert search engine optimization services to a wide range of businesses.

C. J. is active in the business community in Chicago and in the SEO community worldwide, and he volunteers his time and expertise to a number of organizations. He is also an Advisory Board member of El Bosque Nuevo, a not-for-profit organization working to preserve tropical rainforest areas in Costa Rica by preserving plant and animal species, sustaining human cultures, repairing ecosystems, and meeting human needs.

C. J. is the author of a best practices in SEO white paper, "Guide to Search Engine Optimization," published in the Best Practices in Internet Marketing section of the American Marketing Association's Website as well as "How to Improve Your Search Engine Optimization (PDF)," a white paper written for Ad Age.

C. J. has researched search extensively, and acts as the primary author of our website content, including the Search Engine Marketing FAQ and our Search Engine Optimization Guides.

C. J. holds bachelor's and master's degrees in learning disabilities from Northwestern University.