After being acquired by Yahoo!, was shut down in 2011. (Learn more here.) We enjoyed tracking and analyzing this search engine when it was around, so we’re keeping our past analysis up for posterity. 


In the beginning, we were in love with Fast / was a terrific new-ish search engine that was growing very quickly. You could submit pages to Fast and expect to see your site within a week or so. They weren’t winning any traffic wars, but that slowly changed. It was also a free url submission site. The best part about Fast was that it was forming relationships with other search engines to provide its rapidly-growing database.

Still,’s search results were very spammy. If your goal was to trick a search engine into ranking your site higher than your competition, was for you. The search results were loaded with sites that had stuffed thier title tags with keywords. In competitive catagories, winning sites often had 10+ word title tags. There were also many cloaked pages in the search results, as well as many mirror sites.

Eventually sites submitted to started taking an incredibly long time to be added to the index. Curiously, had also recently added a paid submission feature. Those two facts suggested that was prodding webmasters into using their paid submission service.  Unfortunately, the system required that you pay for every page you want added to the index, which was quite a bit different from the system implemented by Ask Jeeves / Teoma, in which you pay annually to have your entire site indexed.

Our opinion was that’s moves would inevitably lead to becomming less and less relevant as time went by.

In the meantime, we recommended that you be very patient when dealing with Our suggestion was to “submit your site using their free submission form, and just wait. Eventually, your site will be fully indexed. Paying for a listing will block your site from ever being fully indexed, unless you’re willing to pay for every page.”

Well, was then purchased by Overture, which was then purchased by Yahoo!. As of March 25th, 2004, search results were a copy of the new Yahoo! search results. Timeline

July, 1997 – parent company Fast Search & Transfer ASA founded in Norway.

May, 1999 – launched for the public online – FAST described it as a public demonstration of their search technology, which they created for corporate use.

February 25, 2003 – Overture announced that it had come to an agreement for the purchase of the Web search unit of Fast/AllTheWeb, leaving Fast/AllTheWeb with just the corporate enterprise search unit.

March 25, 2004 – search results were replaced with Yahoo! search results.

April 4, 2011 – was shut down.