AOL Search

As of 2020, AOL Search activity accounts for just 0.06% of  search engine market share. (Plus, it’s just drawing its results from Microsoft Bing.) So, while it’s technically still around, we can also anticipate it’s on the way out. We enjoyed tracking and analyzing this search engine when it was active, so we’re keeping our past analysis up for posterity. 


AOL’s search has basically been outsourced for nearly a decade. In the beginning, AOL had a web directory which was a copy of the Open Directory. They also had a search engine. In May, 2002, AOL and Google made an agreement, and starting on July 24, 2002, AOL search results are just slightly modified Google results.

AOL Netfind Search Engine Analysis


Get listed in the Open Directory and Google.

Your AOL rankings are your Google rankings plus or minus one.

AOL’s directory wass a copy of the Open Directory, but now AOL does not have a web directory.

Google paid listings appear at the top with just titles under a heading called “Sponsored Links” with a disclaimer “Provided by a third party and not endorsed by AOL.”

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