Our Expertise

Our Expertise: Search Engine Optimization & Standards-Compliant Web Application Development

Introducing Our Expertise: Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization is the practice of guiding the development, redevelopment or rehabilitation of a website so that it will naturally attract visitors by winning top ranking on the major search engines for selected search terms and phrases.

Search engines are the gatekeepers for the internet. Whether people are searching for entertainment, information, products, or services, chances are the hunt will begin on a search engine.

Customers trust organic search results.

Studies have repeatedly shown that Internet users rely upon search engines on a daily basis to find information, products and services. Google shows that over 80% of all clicks are generated from organic search results. People are simply far more likely to click on a top organic result than they are to click a paid search result.

Because of the sheer volume of traffic available to a site that wins a top organic spot in search, and because such a large percentage of commercial transactions originate in the organic results, winning in organic search can drive dramatic results to the bottom line (for those companies who can do it).

Getting to the top takes expertise.

Simply putting a site on the web does not mean it will make it into search engines or be properly matched to relevant search terms. In order to attract high quality organic search engine traffic, a website must be built and managed according to a strict set of standards. It is not a process of manipulation or tricks, but rather playing by a specific set of rules designed to help individuals locate websites that are most relevant for their searching intent.

Our process will strengthen your site, not just increase web traffic.

We help companies improve brand visibility and find new customers by helping them to win for organic searches. To accomplish that, we apply several fundamental principles to website construction and content design. We help you to take best advantage of modern Web technology while satisfying the search engines’ needs for specific types of programming.

Our Expertise: Standards-Compliant Web Application Development

With over 25 years of experience in web application development, we have learned first-hand what it takes to deliver a successful web application—on time, on budget, and exceeding expectations.

Our development process ensures that your goals and expectations are met with a combination of best-of-breed custom, off-the-shelf, and proprietary technologies that together provide an innovative solution to your business challenges.

Web development is easy. Search-engine-optimized web development is hard.

Whether a site is static and HTML-only, or is a full-blown web application dynamically driven by databased content, there are a number of potential pitfalls that must be avoided during the development phase to prevent conflicts with your search engine optimization efforts. Our development team is fully versed on the overall SEO strategy for your site and understands the impact of each technical decision on the search performance of the site as a whole.

We write clean, lean, standards-compliant code.

The best way to ensure a positive experience for every visitor to your website (including the all-important search engine spider) is to adhere to published standards and create the smallest possible amount of meaningful, semantic code necessary to deliver your content. This optimized code serves multiple purposes: improving accessibility and usability, ensuring high site speed and performance, accommodating different browsers, and making it easy for search engine spiders to understand your content.