Google Launches Verbatim Tool For Deliberate Searching

Ever just want to turn all of Google’s handy search assists (spell correction, synonym searching) off and just search for what you typed? Now you can with Verbatim.

According to a blog post today:

With the verbatim tool on, we’ll use the literal words you entered without making normal improvements such as

  • making automatic spelling corrections

  • personalizing your search by using information such as sites you’ve visited before

  • including synonyms of your search terms (matching “car” when you search [automotive])

  • finding results that match similar terms to those in your query (finding results related to “floral delivery” when you search [flower shops])

  • searching for words with the same stem like “running” when you’ve typed [run]

  • making some of your terms optional, like “circa” in [the scarecrow circa 1963]

To turn it on, just head over to “More Search Tools” to the left of your Google search results.

Google says it will also be fine-tuning how its algorithm uses search broadening based on the change.



Search using your terms, verbatim
by Corin Anderson
November 15, 2011

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