Link Farms and Like Farms

A warning from Bing explaining why paying for a link building service is very risky.

We get several emails every day from companies offering to build links to this website. The senders of those emails are indiscriminate. After all, we are an SEO company.

Recently Duane Forrester, a Senior Product Manager with Bing’s Webmaster Program, warned website owners about the risks involved in paying for link building services. He described Link farms and Like farms and pointed out what some of us in the SEO industry have known for a very long time – Link and Like farms are black hat. If you have been approached by a company promising to get thousands of links to your website, or promising to get thousands of Facebook Likes or Google Plus Ones, mark the email as spam and delete it.

rue link building involves creating high quality and useful content, then either letting fellow webmasters know about the content or just letting the discoveries happen naturally.

A terrific example is the FAQ on this site, “HTML Title Tags for Search Engine Optimization and Web Usability,” which is linked to by 56 different domains. We did not request a single link from a single website.

Another example is the section on titled “Child Abuse: An Overview,” which is referenced by hundreds of social service and government organizations. There are 216 high quality links pointing to that section of the website. As a result of the high quality content and links, that section of the site consistently earns top 10 rankings for a wide range of searches related to abuse. We actively reached out to organizations working with families to let them know about the resource and were not treated as spammers because of the quality of the work.

When you start the process of building links to your website, the first step is to get your website listed on high-quality web directories. After that, focus on creating quality that stands out in the crowd.


Bing Link farms and Like farms – don’t be tempted – Webmaster Center blog
Duane Forrester

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