Google Buys Orion, Microsoft Launches Live Academic Search

Without fanfare (i.e., without releasing any press releases) Google has purchased the rights to and has hired the original developer of a new search technology called Orion. The new technology is significant in that it could enable Google to pull information from web sites right into the Google results page, thereby removing the need of the visitor to ever visit your website. Of course, we have no idea what Google plans to do with the technology (maybe sell ads on your content without your site even being visited…?).

It is worth mentioning that there are other search engines that provide what appear to be similar services already up and running, notably QTs@arch, The Micro Content Engine.

Google steps up its search technology
By Chris Nuttall in San Francisco
Published: April 10 2006
The FInancial Times

More about Orion:

New search engine ‘revolutionary’
The University of New South Wales
08 September 2005

Google snaps up student’s search engine
The University of New South Wales
13 April 2006

Microsoft has released the beta version Windows Live Academic Search ( Unlike its web-crawling rival Google Scholar, its index will be built upon structured feeds from academic publishers.

Microsoft’s Crawl from The Bottom in Search
By Aaron Ricadela
Information Week
Apr 11, 2006

Microsoft Announces Windows Live Academic Search
New research tool delivers enhanced search capabilities to the academic community.
REDMOND, Wash. – April 11, 2006

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