Windows Live Search Goes Live

Microsoft’s new Windows Live™ ( beta is now available for public preview. [Update: Live Search was replaced by Bing in 2009.] At it’s core, is a personal search application. Among its features, the posed Google competitor offers “Smart Scroll” function allowing users to view up to 100 results on one page, shareable search macros, and a slider bar that adjusts the amount of previewed content shown.

Official Press Release:
Microsoft Unveils Windows Live Search Beta
Innovative new search service delivers compelling new design, new search categories and custom search services; new betas of Windows Live Toolbar and also launched.
SAN DIEGO – March 7, 2006

Windows Live™ has actually been available to those “in the know” for quite some time. Davis D. Janowski wrote an early review for PC Magazine in February.

Windows Live Local (beta)
REVIEW DATE: 02.02.06

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