Privacy N/A: See What They Know About You

Be Amused, or Be Afraid. Your Choice.

Are you curious to know what the major audience targeting data companies and digital monitoring products (DMP’s) know about you? Wondering what they think you like? How old they think you are? How rich? Follow these links and see for yourself. Each will take you to a page where you can see your own profile and get an opportunity to OPT OUT.

What does AOL Advertising think about me?
AOL Advertising | Privacy policies/My Advertising Preferences

What does BlueKai know about me?
BlueKai Registry

What does Bizo Audience Marketing think about me?
Your Bizo Cookie

What does Lotame Crowd Control think about me?
Lotame Preference Manager
See what Lotame has to say about pet enthusiasts

What does Yahoo! think of me?
Yahoo! Ad Interest Manager

eXelate offers a data exchange where marketers can trade data about you with each other. Wondering what they know about you?
eXelate Preference Manager

Last, but not least. GOOGLE. They’ve just changed their privacy policy and REMOVED the opt-out option. Find out what they know about you now.
Google Ads Preferences Manager

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