Keeping Up With The Kids – A Guide for 40-Somethings

For the most part, as we all get older, our knowledge and interests tend to narrow. We become specialized, despite our efforts to be well-rounded and to stay abreast of the latest knowledge and trends.

My closest friends range in age from the mid-30’s to the mid- to late-40’s, and they’re all highly intelligent overachievers. So, most of them are highly specialized in their particular domains.

I’m 42 now, and have managed to become very specialized while at the same time staying relatively tapped into the larger world around me.

Recently a friend asked me how I do it. How does one manage to keep up with the rapidly changing world, in particular the technological advances as we get older, gain more responsibility, and grow more specialized?

So, I put together a simple set of links that, if visited every morning, will help all of you overachievers to keep up with the kids. You’re already visiting Facebook every day. Just add these to your list.

I visit these sites every day:

Boing Boing (

Slashdot (

Gizmodo (

Engadget (

Slate (

Defamer* (

Right Wing Watch (


The New York Times (

The LA Times (

BBC News (

The Guardian (


EurekAlert! (

Science Daily (

Discovery News (

Groupon** (

* For fun!

** For interesting deals every day.

The Sandbox,