Yahoo! Debuts a New Look

This morning Yahoo! began offering a new home page design after previewing it for several days. The new page features a customizable interface and a “Personal Assistant” which allows users to monitor their inbox and chat contacts, listen to their personal radio station, and check local weather, listings, and movie showtimes without leaving the page. The DHTML and Ajax-powered redesign also enables tabbed browsing of news and features, a customizable Yahoo! Services sidebar, and a panel featuring the new Yahoo! Pulse which highlights top searches and pop culture trends.

As Yahoo! continues to develop its own unique take on the value of search in an internet portal, they clearly are not just following Google down the “keep it simple stupid” path. With this redesign, Yahoo! is clearly asserting it’s position as THE Internet portal – the place to start on the Internet.

Yahoo!’s New Home Page and the Future of Information
May 15, 2006

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