Getting Listed In Yahoo.

My URL is in Yahoo's Web page results, but not their directory results, so truly I'm not in their index. Yahoo ignores my request for assistance on this topic. What can been done?

Yahoo! is no longer a power player in the search engine space, and directories across the board don’t hold the same clout that they used to when the internet was young. For the sake of posterity—in case anyone out there still wonders about the question asked above—we’re keeping our answer live on our site.


Yahoo! search results are provided by Google [Note: As of 02/18/2004, Yahoo! no longer uses Google as its default search engine.], so there are millions of sites that appear in the Yahoo! search results but which are not listed in the Yahoo! directory. To submit your site to the directory, start by visiting the Yahoo! Directory (, and click through the various categories until you find the perfect one for your website. When you’ve found the best category, click on the underlined blue link to the far right of the search box which says, “Suggest a Site, ” and follow the instructions. To be listed in a commercial category, whether your business is commercial or non-profit, you must pay for the Yahoo! Express submission.