What’s The Best Source?

I have subscribed to dozens of ezines re: search engine optimization, and purchased books. I want to narrow it down to one source that I can depend on, instead of dozens. What's the best source?

Unfortunately, we cannot recommend any ezines or books about search engine marketing. There is only one organization on the web which has even begun the process of creating a best practices standard, and that organization does not produce guides. Every publication we’ve examined has included speculation passed off as fact. Unfortunately, that seems to be the nature of the business in many ways. Until you’ve done your own primary research and can tell the fact from the fiction, you should rigorously apply your critical thinking skills to anything you read about search engine optimization.

Your best bet is to focus on building a website that meets W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) standards. The consortium publishes standards in every area of web development, including standards for the naming and describing of individual Web pages, standards for using alt statements, and basic HTML standards. Build a site that follows the basic rules and guidelines, then focus on keeping the content up-to-date, relevant, and interesting.

To stay up-to-date about the latest search engine news, just visit our Search Engine News section when you have a chance. We keep you updated with the latest hard news concerning the search engine business, and we provide informative articles of our own there as well. If a new search engine or directory appears on the horizon, we’ll tell you about it there.

To stay up-to-date about the latest search engine rules and guidelines, visit the search engines themselves. The following links will take you directly to useful information provided by the search engines for webmasters:

All in all, the fundamentals for building a website that can easily indexed by the search engines haven’t changed much in the past 6 years.  Everything you need to know is available on this site and on the sites we link to above.