How Do I Report Spam?

How can I report spam in the Yahoo! and Google results?

Before filing a spam report with the search engines, please read What is search spam, or SEO spam? to learn how to spot search spam in the search results.

Filing a Google Spam Report

Reporting spam in the Google results is easy. Just visit Google – Report a Spam Report, and fill out the form that best fits the issues you’re seeing: spammy content, paid links spam, malware, or phishing.

Filing a Microsoft Bing Spam Report

Reporting spammy content to Microsoft Bing is easy: just fill out the form on this page. (And remember, as Bing says on that page: “Bing only removes search results that meet a specific set of conditions and circumstances to ensure our users have access to relevant information.”)

Filing a Yahoo! Spam Report

The Reporting Security Issues on Yahoo! page can direct you to the pages you need to report phishing, spam, and other potentially dangerous scenarios you may see around the internet.