Getting Indexed Faster.

Is there any way to expedite the listing? My products are time sensitive and I need results sooner rather than later.

If your products are time sensitive (particularly products with a life span of less than one month), and you rely on your website to generate sales, then you can enter into a business relationship with the search engines themselves. You can submit your pages to search engines for a fee for expedited review and listing, or you can pay for advertisement on the search engines.

Paying for inclusion will guarantee that your pages are spidered quickly and included in the search engines, but won’t guarantee any specific placement in the search engine results. You cannot pay for inclusion in Google. Buying advertisements (Bing Pay-Per-Click listings and Google AdWords listings) will ensure your site a spot in the sponsored results of the major search engines.

Paying for inclusion and properly optimizing your website is the best way to go in this situation. Your pages will end up in the regular search results immediately, which will lead to a much higher rate of traffic than if they were just listed in the sponsored results. Sponsored listings receive a much lower level of traffic than do the normal search results listings. If you use pay for inclusion and your site is optimized, the pages will be ranked in the top of the normal search results. However, buying advertisements in the form of sponsored search results is also a good option, especially considering the fact that you cannot pay Google to quickly index your site. Products which are very time-sensitive tend to be unique to the web at any given time. The click-through rates for unique products in the sponsored results are higher than normal click-through rates.

We recommend that you optimize your website, pay for immediate inclusion in the search results, and buy AdWords from Google for the best ROI for products which are very time-sensitive. You can engage a search engine optimization firm to work on your site each time you add time-sensitive products, and then you can pay the search engines to quickly (within 24-48 hours usually) add the new optimized pages to their indices.

For more information on paid inclusion in the search engines, read “The people buying placements for our website have called it search engine optimization. That’s not really right is it?