Which is the most used search engine?

Which is the most used search engine?

Here’s a time capsule if we ever saw one: Imagine the year 2004, when the field of search engines was much, much broader. At that time, this is how we explained a simple fact that remains true today: Google is the most-used search engine. (But you probably already knew that.)

Google is by far the most-used search engine today. In addition to providing Web search at its home page, Google.com, Google also provides web search results to several of the most popular Internet destinations, including Yahoo! [Note: As of 02/18/2004, Yahoo! no longer uses Google as its default search engine.] and AOL. Google does far more than 200 million (>200, 000, 000) searches every day through Google.com. That number was reported by Google all the way back in 2001, and they have consistently refused to update it, but you can be assured that Google does substantially more than 200, 000, 000 searches every day through Google.com.

We have access to search engine referral data from a wide variety of our clients’ websites, and have compared referral numbers from the major search engines for phrases in which we have pages that rank the number one spot on each engine. I.e., we compared referral numbers on pages which had the number one spot on Yahoo, Google, AltaVista, and others, and found that Google.com refers nearly double the traffic than the second place search engine, Yahoo!.

Google’s search results are currently displayed onYahoo!, AOL, Netscape, Alexa, iWon.com, Earthlink, Compuserve, CNN, SportsLine.com, and others. Over the next several months, Google web search will be available on Amazon.com as well.

In addition to Web search, Google also offers pay-per-click search advertising through its AdWords program. AdWords advertisers can extend their reach through Google’s network of partner sites. Google ‘s current list of Adwords partners includes Amazon.com, AOL, Ask Jeeves, Netscape, Earthlink, Compuserve, AT&T, BizRate, DealTime, The New York Times, The Washington Post, Yahoo! JAPAN, Libero, NEC Biglobe, NIFTY, BT Openworld, and SportsLine.com.