Getting Management On Board With SEO.

How can we get management's attention and committment to website improvement?

In our modern economy, a well-built company website is a fundamental requirement for every business. Every year, online marketing influences a larger percentage of buying decisions. This means that companies with poor websites lose more opportunities to the competition every year.

Help your management to understand the website as a virtual sales representative, or as another front door for your business. Would your management send a sales person into the field without a cell phone or laptop? Would they allow the paint to peel on the sign above the front door? The same basic standards of respect have to be given to the potential customer that has thrown out his or her yellow pages in favor of Google.

Get the management’s attention with a quick two-part demonstration. First, demonstrate the site’s search engine performance. Sit down in front of Google and show them the results for typical key word searches. Next, show them the competition – certainly one of the known competitors is doing a better job. This should get their commitment to a level of support similar to other kinds of marketing that the company already does.