How To Check Your Link Popularity.

How do I find out what my link popularity is, and who is linking to my site?

Using advanced search options, you can search specifically for websites which have linked to your website at all the major search engines. You can use our Free SEO Analyzer to get a monthly report e-mailed to you at no charge. To do a link popularity check manually, simply use the guide that follows.  Type the italicized text into the search engine, and it will give you a list of all the sites it has found that link to your site.  This is extremely useful if you are changing domain names and want to tell everyone who has linked to you to please update their link. Of course, you have to replace with your domain name!

Use these links to manually check your link popularity:

  1. Go to Google and search for
    Remember, Google syndicates its search results, so there is no need to search for links to your site on any of the sites which use Google results (such as AOL Search).

  2. Go to Yahoo! and search for link: