How Long Will SEO Take?

Once you begin using SEO, how long until you see improvement in your search engine placement?

The amount of time you will have to wait will depend on which techniques are employed in your efforts to optimize your website. Assuming you’ve rebuilt your site and loaded it onto your server, replacing the old files, you need to be prepared to wait anywhere from a few days (if you use a pay-for-inclusion service) to a few months. If your site has already been on the Web for some time, and is already listed in all of the major directories, then you will probably begin to see improvements in your search engine rankings within 4-6 weeks. If your site is not listed in the major directories, then adding it to the directories will have a significant positive impact. If you pay for expedited review of your site at Yahoo, LookSmart, JoeAnt, GoGuides, and others, than you will see improvement the next time Google, AllTheWeb, Inktomi and others update their spider-driven indices. You need to be prepared to wait for your site to be added to the Open Directory. Some sites have waited over a year to be added. In the end, a bottom-to-top rebuild of your website will result in an improvement in your search engine rankings rather quickly. You should continue to see improvements for 6-9 months, as the changes to your site are indexed throughout the databases that drive the major search engines.