How Often To Submit To DMOZ.

How often should a site be resubmitted to the Open Directory (DMOZ)?

Ah, memories! While The Open Directory/DMOZ is no longer with us, we enjoy looking back on how the internet used to be, which is why we’re leaving this page on our site for posterity.

In most cases, only one submission to the Open Directory is necessary. Once submitted, the site will eventually either be added to the directory, or it will be refused. Because DMOZ is an entirely volunteer-driven directory, because sites are added for free, and because thousands of webmasters from all over the world attempt to game the system every day, you can expect to wait anywhere from a few days to over a year for your site to be added, if it is accepted.

When a site is submitted, it is sent into a queue of sites to be reviewed. If the site is submitted to the most relevant and appropriate branch of the directory, then the editor of that category will review it and either add it or dump it. Sites which are submitted to the optimal branch get the fastest results. If your site is submitted to the wrong branch of the directory, then the editor of that branch will simply move your site to the end of the queue for the right branch, which will delay your site’s addition to the directory. The editor of that branch will then review the site and accept or deny it.

Other things you can do to speed up the process include providing an objective, well-written description, and an accurate title. If you attempt to game the system by writing a keyword-stuffed title and description, then your site will sit in the unreviewed queue even longer while the editors review the sites that are easier first.

Sites submitted to the Open Directory are tracked by the date of the submission. If you re-submit your site, you overwrite the old date with the new date, and your site will be even farther back in the queue.