Google Closes The Caffeine Sandbox

In late Summer of 2009, Google rolled out “Sandbox”, a developer preview of their new “next generation” technology designed to improve Google’s indexing infrastructure… code named “Caffeine”. They recently announced that the Caffeine beta test is over, and they will be rolling out the new indexing technology to at least one data center in the very near future. Although Caffeine was not an algorithm change, there have been some minor fluctuations in organic search rankings. According to Google’s Matt Cutts, in order to “minimize the stress on webmasters”, Google is waiting until after the holidays to fully roll Caffeine out to all their data centers. In the meantime, clients are advised to continue to focus on the essential foundation for SEO as Google continues to alter the playing field in order to maintain their dominance in search… focus on quality content, clean code, and maximum link popularity to drive organic ranking and maximum lead generation.

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