Google vs. Evil. Yeah, Right.

In an article published this weekend in Wired Magazine, Josh McHugh writes intelligently about the choices facing the corporate leaders at Google. At this point, Google is responsible for the search results in nearly 80% of all Internet searches.

The article is well-written, but what stands out is Josh’s ability to get Sergey Brin to speak openly about several very controversial issues, namely Google’s stand on the issues of censoring search results, taking paid advertisements, and optimizing websites so that they will rank well in the search results. To date, no one else has been able to get Sergey or any other Google executive to address these issues so openly. Good job Josh!

As for the idea that Google stands on the side of all that is fair and good, time will tell. We have our doubts.

Google vs. Evil
The world’s biggest, best-loved search engine owes its success to supreme technology and a simple rule: Don’t be evil. Now the geek icon is finding that moral compromise is just the cost of doing big business.
By Josh McHugh
Wired Magazine
Issue 11.01 – January 2003

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