SEO Nightmares, News Services from Lycos, Google, and Yahoo, Virus Information, and the New Cooperative Effort Between AOL, MSN, and Yahoo

Brian McWilliams of wrote a very readable article about search engine optimization company website Results. Consider it a warning. Before dealing with a search engine optimization company, do your research. Checking up on a search engine optimization company’s ethics can be difficult if not impossible for even the technologically saavy, but one organization, provides an SEO Offender List where you can report unethical practices for investigation.

Dot-com noir
When Internet marketing goes sour: A sordid tale of spyware, “junk traffic,” bodybuilding and a half-baked plan for Hollywood glory.
By Brian McWilliams
July 1, 2002

Here’s some news about the news industry. Lycos has just released a news search service which re-indexes 3,000 online news sites every minute. For news junkies, Google has a news service as well: Of course, there are always Yahoo! News and Yahoo! Finance.

New Services for News Junkies
By Leslie Walker
Sunday, June 30, 2002

O.K., this isn’t search engine related, but it is definitely a must read for everyone using the Internet. At the very least, after reading you will stand out as a bigger geek at the cocktail parties.

A Short History of Computer Viruses and Attacks
Compiled by Brian Krebs Staff Writer
Wednesday, June 26, 2002; 5:38 PM

Finally, AOL, MSN, and Yahoo! are reporting that they have worked together with the Internet Content Rating Association (ICRA) to tag 93% of their content so that it will work with free Internet filtering software developed by ICRA.

Online Giants Offer Kid-Friendly Web Surfing
By David McGuire Staff Writer
Tuesday, June 25, 2002; 7:44 AM

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