VeriSign Stops Unethical Marketing, Google IPO Prospects, and Reaches 2 Billion

You may recall that VeriSign is currently being sued for sending out misleading emails, letters, and faxes to domain owners, encouraging (some say scaring) them to renew with VeriSign. Well, VeriSign has agreed to stop. Actually, they signed a court order agreeing to stop. That’s good news for GoDaddy and others whose customers were being scared into switching registrars.

VeriSign nixes bogus messages
Thu Jun 20, 5:42 PM ET
Lisa M. Bowman writer Peter Dizikes does an excellent job writing about Google’s IPO prospects in an article published on June 18. Also, Elizabeth Millard wrote a terrific article describing the business of search engines.

Waiting for Google – What’s Not Speedy About Web Search King? Its Plans for IPO
By Peter Dizikes
June 18
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The Serious Business of Internet Search Engines
By Elizabeth Millard
NewsFactor Network
June 20, 2002
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Everyone and their dogs have picked up the press release sent out by Fast announcing that has indexed over 2 billion Web pages. Seeking an audience, the following writers continue in the tradition of slapping a controversial headline onto a press release, and have nothing of value or relevance to offer you. The majority of the articles recently published about have focused on the idea that it is growing larger than Google. The fact is that when it comes to search engines, quality is far more important than size. The PR machine is working very well. Let’s hope the technology team is working on eliminating the multitude of mirror sites and cloaked sites in their index. By the way, Google has already indexed many of these articles, demonstrating once again that Google delivers the quality search results, and don’t tell anyone, but Google is actually even bigger than too.

Cult search engine ‘bigger than Google’ – Norwegian firm claims 2.1 billion Web pages
By Nick Farrell [17-06-2002]
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AlltheWeb Claims Largest Search Index
Mon Jun 17,12:01 AM ET
By MICHAEL LIEDTKE, AP Business Writer
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Fast engine–bigger than Google?
Tue Jun 18, 7:57 AM ET
Lisa M. Bowman

AlltheWeb Surpasses Google in Size of Web Index
Mon Jun 17, 6:49 PM ET
PALO ALTO, Calif. (Reuters)
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The little engine that could beat Google
Mon Jun 17, 6:17 PM ET
Lisa M. Bowman
CNET Claims to Outpace Google – Search engine says it has indexed 2.1 billion Web pages, more than its popular rival.
Linda Rosencrance, Computerworld
Wednesday, June 19, 2002

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