Netscape Goes Google

Another Google move today – Netscape search is now showing a “Googlized” algorythm. I.E., the results of Netscape searches are nearly identical to Google results. The directory is still a copy of The Open Directory, but the listings in the directory are showing up in random order, not by PageRank or alphabetically, the way they show up on Google and on the Open Directory. This move is not surprising or even dramatic, but it is significant. Netscape used to rely on DMOZ results and their own database to create their search results. Remember, AOL/Time Warner owns Netscape and therefore owns the Open Directory Project. Google announced on May 1 that they had formed a strategic relationship with AOL to provide search results through the AOL Netfind service. The Netscape change can be seen as an extension of that announcement, though no one made any announcements this time. The only recent thing on the Google Press Center page is a joke about Google and Dilbert doodling together. Netscape has made no announcements either.

Here’s an interesting problem: On the Netscape search home page, they still have a link to their sponsor DigitalWork site submission page, which offers to submit your website to the major search engines for a year for $99.00. They also have a link on their home page (slightly higher up and in clearer view) to the Open Directory site submission directions. I wonder what will become of the “Add a Site” link.

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