Yahoo! and Google, AOL and Google, InfoSpace Launches Another Meta

Infospace is making a grab for attention by announcing that Excite will now be another meta in it’s cap. Yahoo! Finance picked up the story.

InfoSpace Launches Next Generation Meta-Search Product
With and, InfoSpace’s new meta-search product highlights the strengths of many of the Web’s major search properties
Monday May 6, 8:30 am Eastern Time BELLEVUE, Wash. (BUSINESS WIRE)

An interesting question: What will happen to the relationship between Google and Yahoo? Beyond speculation and conjecture, there are no answers, but here are some interesting articles discussing the question:

Google, Yahoo partnership put to the test
By Stefanie Olsen
Special to ZDNet News
May 3, 2002, 4:00 AM PT

Coup for Google: AOL to offer its search engine
Verne Kopytoff, Chronicle Staff Writer
San Francisco Chronicle
Thursday, May 2, 2002

Will Google, Yahoo renew their vows?
Fri May 3, 2:51 PM ET
Stefanie Olsen CNET

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