Overture and Yahoo Extend Their Relationship, AOL Shaken

At the beginning of the day today, we were wondering how Overture was going to survive. First, there have been several stories about the relationship between Overture and AOL.

Overture Extends AOL Deal Until May 1
Wed Apr 24, 8:41 PM ET
PALO ALTO, Calif. (Reuters)
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The news is that Overture and AOL have only extended their agreement for another week. That seems bad for both companies. How will AOL Search earn revenue without a pay per click partner? Perhaps there is a deal in the works with LookSmart, which recently became a pay per click company. Then what about Overture, the company that invented pay per click? Already Google and LookSmart have copied their business model. Are they being forced out of the game?

Then the news came out about the Yahoo Overture deal – a very big deal. Overture and Yahoo have extended their deal for three years. Remember, Yahoo! basically introduced Google to the world by using Google as their search engine. Now they’re standing behind Overture – instead of Google?

Overture Announces 3-Year Extension Of Deal With Yahoo
Thu Apr 25, 6:18 PM ET
AUSTIN , Texas (Dow Jones)
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LookSmart’s recent move to pay-per-click has created questions about the future of Overture, since LookSmart has strong relationships with many of the portals where Overture results are shown, in particular MSN Search. Today’s announcement quiets some of the speculation about the demise of Overture.

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