The Yahoo Yodeler Settles His Lawsuit; Overture Expands; Google Copyright Issues

On a lighter note, Yahoo! has settled with the cowboy yodeler who we all recognize – just take a second and think, “YaHOOOOOOOOOOOO” – it’s his voice you’re hearing in your head. Here’s the story:

Yahoo yodeler gets his just rewards
04/22/2002 – Updated 02:43 PM ET

AOL Spin-Off? Possible but Wall St. Says Unlikely
Mon Apr 22, 5:01 PM ET
By Reshma Kapadia
NEW YORK (Reuters)

China Is World’s Second in Home Internet Access
Mon Apr 22,12:21 PM ET
NEW YORK (Reuters)
Page No Longer Available

The week in review: Google takes charge
Mon Apr 22, 5:24 PM ET
Steven Musil CNET

Google Runs Into Copyright Dispute
Mon Apr 22, 2:56 PM ET
By DAVID F. GALLAGHER The New York Times

United Online and Overture Expand Search Agreement With Two Year Renewal
Original Search Partnership With NetZero Now Extends to Millions of Juno Users
April 22, 2002 07:01:00 AM ET

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