Should I Build Mirror Sites?

I have two websites that mirror each other in content but utilize different keywords and meta tags. Will this help my chances for ranking or hurt them?

In no uncertain terms, building two websites that mirror each other in content will hurt your Internet marketing efforts. Google, Bing, and Yahoo! all explicitly state that you should not submit sites with mirrored content. Violating their rules is likely to get one or both of your sites permanently banned by the search engines.

If you have mirror sites, we suggest that you take down all but one of your websites.

For more information on how to best close down a website without losing the existing search engine links it already has, see Will changing our URL affect our search engine rankings? How can we change urls without losing the traffic we’re already getting?

What the search engines say about mirror sites and mirror pages:

We recommend  Google’s Webmaster Guidelines  to ensure your site is meeting best practices.

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